Monday, 26 June 2017


6 Types of Overhead Doors installed in one building
Why is this necessary? Each type of door is designed for a specific purpose. A critical part of your Sales Representative's role is to determine how the door will be used, how often and more. 

Richards-Wilcox Polytite Sectional Doors
These doors are made of triple-walled polycarbonate panels to provide lightweight, easy operation. Although impact-resistant to an extent, we don't encourage testing this! Polytites are ideal for car wash bays or anywhere with excessive moisture. As there is a lot of open space outside this building, these doors will have no issues being exposed to sun, wind, rain or snow. These panels also allow for natural lighting and help to reduce winter heating costs. Click to learn more.

Specs: Clear anodized aluminum frames, fully glazed, vertical lift, 50,000 cycle springs, featheredge safety edge (stops operation on contact and returns to open position), 3-button push button station, 1.5 second time delay - timer to close and an option to manually operate the chain hoist by disconnecting the power and pulling the small cable link tight to fasten. 

Richards-Wilcox Thermatite T175 Sectional Insulated Doors
Quality insulated doors made with Neufoam technology. These doors are ideal as they are made with a continuous foam that doesn't leave air pockets in between door panels.
Specs: Vertical lift, electric operator, 3-button push station, 1.5 second time delay, thru-beam photo cell (if blocked, the door will not close) and a safety edge to discontinue door operation and reverse up when it comes in contact with an object.

Albany High Speed Rubber Doors
Lower-cost doors that can absorb impacts and decrease energy loss due to it's high speed. These doors are high-cycle - openings of up to 8,000 per day - commonly found in mining, waste stations, cold-storage, warehousing, automotive, government applications and more.
Specs: windows, traffic lights, motion sensor to open from exterior and photo cells to prevent the door from operating if an object crosses it's path.

Rolling Steel Fire Doors
Used for safety and fire protection that drops on detection of fire. This helps prevent the spread of fire and keeps product and personnel safe.
Specs: Galvanized slats, prime white finish, manual chain hoist and a fusible link to allow the door to drop if a fire is detected.

Rolling Steel Fire Shutter
Regular shutters are typically used as a security feature on counter-tops of small businesses or complete storefronts within malls to help prevent theft after hours. In this instance, these shutters are fire-rated to secure a section of the warehouse while still providing visibility while open during work hours.
Specs: Prime white finish, fusible link, electric operation, push-button on/off station, electrical operation, safety edge discontinues operation on contact and a chain link for manual operation if the power goes out.

Rolling Steel Doors Commonly used as service doors or warehouse separation for commercial, industrial and government settings. 
Specs: Prime white finish, electric operation and safety edge. When safety edge is activated and door stops, close buttons have to be pressed until in desired position.

Choosing the correct door for your facility
Take a look at our general guide to determine step-by-step what your facility needs to achieve through a new door installation. For specific product recommendations or simply to speak to one of our representatives, contact us directly at 905-274-5850.

Friday, 9 June 2017


Proper Installation is Key
This electric operator had been mounted low on the wall previously. This caused our client to have safety concerns if it was to be impacted or tampered with.

Overhead-Sectional-Electric-Door-Operator | Electric Door Operator, Burlington | Wilcox Door
Our solution was to install motor covers. The cover also opens to provide easy access for maintenance.

Sectional-Overhead-Electric-Operator-Covers | Covered Electric Operators | Wilcox Door

Electric-Door-Operator-Covers | Sectional Overhead Door Operator Safety | Wilcox Door

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Caution, Door Ahead!

Is your custom door solution improving your work processes and overall environment?
For this client, it was time to upgrade from PVC Strip Curtains to a FlexFit Impact Door.
Click to see how they work!

PVC-Strip-Curtain-Replacement | Warehouse Impact Doors | Wilcox Door 
Warehouse-Flexfit-Impact-Door | High Performance Warehouse Door Solutions | Wilcox Door 
Flexfit-Industrial-Warehouse-Door-Installation | FlexFit Impact Doors, Toronto | Wilcox Door
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A Solution for every Application
Various truck types entered this loading dock area with constant exposure to inclement weather. This caused water infiltration as there was a slight decline approach to the dock. 

Side-Mounted-Inflatable-Shelter-Blower | Inflatable Dock Shelters, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Warehouse-Dock-Shelters | Inflatable Dock Shelters, Toronto, Wilcox Door
There was also little clearance space due to the existing overhead canopy as there was little headroom. Our solution was to install custom inflatable shelters with a side-mounted blower (due to limited headroom).
Warehouse-Dock-Shelter-Overhead-Canopy | Inflatable Dock Shelters, Toronto | Wilcox Door

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Equipment Longevity
This client had a regular overhead sectional door but it simply wasn't the right solution for the amount of times it was being used.

Overhead-Sectional-Industrial-Door | Sectional Overhead Door Replacement, Toronto | Wilcox Door

In high traffic buildings, Rubber Doors are often recommended to reduce wear on typical overhead doors. These are especially useful in parking garages where traffic is consistent and the doors and can withstand impact in the event of an accident.

Rubber-Parking-Garage-Door | Parking Garage Doors, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Additional steel work was also involved to build support for the new Rubber door. Due to the tight fit with minimal side room clearance, concrete curbs had to be cut in order to make additional room. All in all, a successful installation! 

High-Cycle-Parking-Garage-Doors | Overhead Rubber Parking Garage | Wilcox Door
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Safety First
Originally, a Vehicle Restraint along with a Rubber Wheel Chock was not holding the trailer tight enough against the wall. There had been a few instances where the trailer had shifted ahead, causing the dock lip to fall off the trailer. The lift struck would then get stuck between the trailer and the dock leveler.
Loading-Dock-Safety-Accessories | Wheel Chock and Vehicle Restraint, Guelph | Wilcox Door
Therefore, a Wheel Chock System was installed, successfully holding trucks in place during loading and unloading. This system replaces a vehicle restraint and wheel chock and is more durable and reliable.
Wheel-Chock-Safety-System-Ground-Plate | Loading Dock Safety Accessories | Wilcox Door
The system is built into the ground with a large steel chock mounted on an articulated, counterbalanced arm. The chock is then placed in front of the rear wheel and locks onto a ground plate. Three sensors, an alarm and signal lights provide employees and truck drivers when it is safe to begin loading/unloading into and out of the truck.
Loading-Dock-Safety-Accessories | Wheel Chock Safety System Installation | Wilcox Door
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More than just a little breeze
Air Curtains are typically used to keep warm or cold air in or out of buildings.

Industrial-Grade-Air-Curtain | Wall Separation Air Curtain | Wilcox Door
In this case, product smells were permeating between a shared warehouse with no solid wall separation.
Mounted-Warehouse-Air-Curtain | Energy Saving Warehouse Products | Wilcox Door

Steel tubing was also necessary to reinforce the structure and handle the weight of the curtain.

Air-Curtain-Warehouse-Separation | Air Curtain mounted above Overhead Door | Wilcox Door

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Out with the old, in with the new!
We replaced an old, worn Sectional Door with a Richards-Wilcox Full-View Polycarbonate Door!
Richards-Wilcox-Polytite-Overhead-Door | Open Polytite Sectional Door | Wilcox Door

This powder-coated blue sectional not only stands out from typical distribution doors but is light-weight (despite it's size).

Interior-View-Polytite-Overhead-Door | Richards-Wilcox-Polytite-Overhead-Door | Wilcox Door

Therefore, less stress is put on the tracks which allows this door to last longer. Want to see it in action? Take a look on our YouTube Channel.

Richards-Wilcox-Exterior-View-Polytite-Door | Polytite Full View Overhead Distribution Door | Wilcox Door

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A little separation can be good!
Our client recently took over the warehouse unit next door to them that could only be accessed through a separate exterior entrance.
Warehouse-Wall-Demo-Interior | Warehouse Wall Construction, GTA | Wilcox Door
However, they needed interior access in order to improve their workplace efficiency.
Wall-Demo-Interior-Access | Warehouse Door Installation | Wilcox Door
We created an opening in the existing wall and installed a Vertical-Lift Sectional Door.
Vertical-Lift-Overhead-Door | Vertical Lift Sectional Warehouse Door, GTA | Wilcox Door
Vertical-Lift-Overhead-Door-Open | Warehouse Sectional Overhead Door | Wilcox Door
Now workers can easily access both building units while providing separation and closure during off hours.
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So Fast, So Clean
This Toronto Pharmaceutical Warehouse had Rytec PredaDoor NXT Doors installed for FDA compliance. These doors are designed with less ridges than your typical Overhead Door to help prevent dust build-up for facilities that require utmost cleanliness

Open-Position-PredaDoor-NXT-Warehouse-Door | Rytec PredaDoor Overhead, Toronto | Wilcox Door

NXT Level Speed
This PredaDoor NXT is 8' wide by 14' high with opening speeds of up to 50" per second. This level of speed is critical for maintaining traffic flow, productivity and energy conservation. (Learn how your facility can benefit from going green by visiting

Rytec-Predadoor-NXT-Energy-Saver | Overhead Doors Distriburtion Centre | Wilcox Door

Safety First
A Pathwatch Safety System was installed with dual thru-beam photo eyes in the event that someone or something is in the way of the door closing. On detection, the door then reverses up to the opening position until the path is cleared, known as the reversing edge.

Overhead-Door-Safety-System | PredaDoor Safety Edge and Pathwatch | Wilcox Door

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Monday, 5 June 2017


Constant impact causing damage
At this distribution centre, workers continued to hit the sides of the dock seals with skids, eventually tearing the actual seal.

Damaged-Dock-Seal | Loading Dock Repairs | Wilcox Door
This was due to the seals being made with an opening of 90" instead of 96". Therefore, a 3/16" vertical pad was installed at the bottom as a skid guard to protect from impact.

Dock-Seal-Repair | Loading Dock Solutions | Wilcox Door

Thankfully, we were able to provide a solid fix for this issue without having to replace the entire unit.

Distribution-Centre-Loading-Dock-Repair | Dock Seal Repair and Installation | Wilcox Door
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Monday, 10 April 2017


Join the workplace movement!
Going green is a win-win as you save money on utility costs AND reduce your carbon footprint. Consider these tips to do your part to benefit the planet and your company.

Not looking forward to paying your heating/cooling bills?
You can begin by installing programmable thermostats that allow you to program when the heat should come on as opposed to temperature-controlled thermostats. Do you have ceiling fans throughout a warehouse or large open area? Truth is, they don't make as big of an impact as you may think. High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) industrial fans are said to replace 30 regular ceiling fans by blending layers of air together (destratify) and equalizing overall temperatures. These are also great features to have in the summer months as workers can feel a slight breeze that actually makes the space feel 7-11 degrees cooler. 

Green Roof
Need to recharge? A green roof creates an inviting space where employees can take a break and return to work with a more productive and clear mindset. This is especially beneficial in this day and age as typical lunchrooms are located in the back corner of an office or warehouse with no windows and employees glued to their phones. The benefits only continue as air quality is improved, stormwater is utilized, employment opportunities arise to design and engineer a solid foundation for the green space and much more.

With all the technology available to you today, why not take advantage of it? There are sensor-operated lighting systems that use 10% less power. Or, consider skylights or solar panels to bring in natural light and reduce expenses. For now, lets stick to the basics. What type of lights do you have at your facility? If they're not fluorescent or LED, your likely paying more than you should each month. We know, they cost more upfront.. However, it's a small price to pay for the savings you receive in the long run! 

The Three R's
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Simple enough, right? Reusing and relabeling incoming boxes and paper wrapping are common practices that easily save you time and money. Others can include turning off or dimming lights when they're not in use or turning down the heating. The environmentally correct disposal of batteries is an easy initiative. Even Fortinos takes your used batteries - look for it near the entrance/exit doors. Oil and chemical disposal is also critical to protect the environment. Contact your local waste management drop-off location. Now, more than ever, offices are moving away from print and offering electronic copies of documents wherever possible. However, if you do need to use paper, make sure it's recycled afterwards. *Remember: encouragement goes a long way! For business owners, offer incentives to those that suggest and act on green solutions throughout the workplace to make it fun for everyone.

Once green initiatives begin, they become second nature. Do you have green initiatives in place at your workplace? Let us know what you're doing to reduce your carbon footprint!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Do Fire Doors need to be Maintained and Tested?

The purpose of a Fire Door is to ensure that if a fire starts in one area, it cannot travel or progress to another area. It acts as a barrier in which the blaze cannot cross. They are designed to close when a fire is detected either by electrical or mechanical means. As you can imagine, their operation is absolutely critical to ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Not to mention the valuable products/building.
Do Fire Doors need to be maintained and tested? Absolutely! As with any mechanical device, it is imperative that they are checked, lubricated, adjusted and drop-tested annually.
Fire Doors only serve their purpose if they work! Maintenance and testing includes three components: a visual check, operational check and a drop test.
Visual Check - involves ensuring all components of the door are intact and installed correctly. Technicians complete this first to ensure that when the door is in operation, no unsafe conditions will occur.
Operational Check - ensures that the door opens and closes in the manner in which it was designed. Any issues are to be corrected at this time.
Drop Test - the door is now tested to ensure that it "drops" to the closed position when it is released (either mechanically or electrically), as should happen when a fire is present. The technicians ensure that all the components work together as designed and the door closes in a safe manner. Any deficiencies to be corrected at this time.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates that all Fire Doors are to be maintained no less than once a year (NFPA-80 compliance). Keep in mind that your local Fire Prevention Office or insurance company may demand that the doors be tested more frequently.
Fire Doors are a proven way to prevent deadly fire from progressing and endangering people and property. Again, they are only effective if in proper working order.
Maintenance and testing are key to ensuring they do what they were designed and installed for - to save lives!
Take a look, download or share to spread the importance of Fire Door safety!
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Thursday, 16 March 2017


Go big or go home!
In expanding their warehouse, our client was in need of new sectional doors. These Richards-Wilcox Multi-Rib Sectionals with vision windows were the perfect solution. Considering the space needed to be maximized, a vertical track installation was necessary.

However, steel work also had to be done to support the door and spring assembly. As this was a food assembly facility, Rytec PredaDoors were also installed on the opposing side of this expansion to prevent contamination and separate the areas (shown in blue).

Overall, another successful installation by the Wilcox Team!