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Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Making the Inaccessible, Accessible
We're proud to introduce this month's volunteer, Tom Cunningham, our Business Development Coordinator.
Tom-Cunningham-Disability-Accessibility-Volunteer | Edit Exhibit Vendor, 2017 | March of Dimes
Tom chose to volunteer at this year's Edit: Design Expo in support of March of Dimes; "programs and services to maximize the independence and community participation of children & adults with disabilities."
But why did he choose to support this cause?
"Tom Cunningham (too tall) as he is affectionately known, was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) from his jaw to his toes at the age of 5. Forty-nine years later, he has been hospitalized about 40 times and had 4 hips, 4 knees and 2 shoulders replaced. Tom endures constant, chronic pain in 3 to 6 joints at all times, ranging in severity from day to day achiness."
For over 65 years, March of Dimes has provided services from the medically-fragile, to seniors, families, caregivers, employers and health insurance companies.
As you can imagine, Tom must overcome struggles which we take for granted, daily. Take feeding the dogs, for example. Placing bowls on the ground is one challenge, but what if the bowls spill? Below you can see a concept feeding device made out of recycled objects that attaches a long handle to a feeding tray, virtually minimizing the need to bend over or worry about spills. Happy dog, happy life, right?
Accessible-Pet-Feeding-Device | Edit Exhibit Vendor Installation, Toronto | March of Dimes
"Despite his physical challenge, Tom always answers AMAZING when asked how he is doing. He tells people that 80% of the time it is true and the other 20% is simply a reminder that it is in fact, true. Why? 4 out of 10 people in the world live on less than $2 per day. He goes on to say that he is no nicer or more deserving than them to have been born, and still live, in Canada."
This brings us to Mazin Aribi, another March of Dimes volunteer. Originally from Iraq, Mazin was diagnosed with Polio, which left him paralyzed within 36 hours at the age of 22. For an active adolescent, this came as an unexpected and life-changing experience. He then came to Canada to receive treatment at 25 and stayed here thereafter.
March-of-Dimes-Volunteers | Edit Design Exhibit Vendor, Toronto | March of Dimes - EDIT
What can we learn from him? "Disability can happen to anyone at anytime. You need to accept that life is full of surprises; the good, the bad and the ugly. Secondly, "when you are forced to face a situation, you have no choice but to accept it." Mazin lives each day by making the most of what he can still do; thinking "it could have been worse."
These individuals are prime examples of living life to the fullest. We're thankful to have experienced this exhibit as part of the Wilcox Volunteer Program.
Visit the March of Dimes website for more information or Click Here to donate.

* The March of Dimes Installation was held in the Health Tech Pavillion at

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


It's seen better days..
This Multi-Plex was in rough shape and it was up to Josh, Ilija and Justin to bring it back to life. Originally fabricated and installed in 1962, the bottom section of the blade had rotted due to the harsh environment it was in.

Multi-Plex-Door-Blade-Damage | Industrial Equipment Repair, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Multi-Plex-Door-Blade-Damage-Repair | Industrial Equipment Repair, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Multi-Plex-Door-Blade-Damage-Repair | Industrial Equipment Repair, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Thankfully, this door was able to be repaired, rather than replaced, cutting back on the cost significantly. Custom metal was formed and sheeting was fabricated.

Multi-Plex-Door-Blade-Repair | Industrial Equipment Repair, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Multi-Plex-Door-Blade-Repair | Industrial Equipment Repair, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Multi-Plex-Door-Repair | Equipment Repair, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Furthermore, the inside of the door was rubberized and undercoated to help prevent rusting and a new coat of green paint was added to the exterior.

Multi-Plex-Door-Refurbish | Door Repair, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Multi-Plex-Door-Blade-Repair | Industrial Door Refurbishing, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Do you have obvious damage on your doors that you've been ignoring for years? As it may not seem to be causing any inefficiencies at this time, damages typically grow the longer they're left alone. It's like a toothache that you keep ignoring until it causes an infection, or worse! Call us today for an on-site inspection. No teeth-pulling, just a friendly check-up!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Slow and Steady does not win the race!
This door was reaching it's spring life once or twice per year due to high usage at an automotive dealership.
Automotive-Dealer-Overhead-Door-Springs | High Usage Automotive Doors, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Our solution involved installing a direct safe drive (spring-less) operator to reduce future service costs and increase the speed and efficiency of the door.
Automotive-Dealer-Overhead-Door-Upgrade | High Cycle Doors, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Additional details include:
  • Digital Overhead Control Panel with L.E.D. read-out
  • Wireless Safety Edge
  • 6' Light Curtain mounted inside the tracks (acts as a secondary safety device for any object left within the door)
  • Nylon Rollers
  • Non-Rotating 3/16 Cables

Overhead-LED-Control-Panel | Door Panel, Toronto | Wilcox Door

Springless-Overhead-Door | High Cycle, High-Speed Door, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Wireless-Overhead-Door-Safety-Edge | Door Safety Features, Toronto | Wilcox Door
An Enbridge rebate was given for this door efficiency upgrade. Also, instead of consistently replacing the springs, they can expect their return on investment (ROI) in just over TWO years!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Entrance Upgrade
This wooden Man Door was upgraded to an aluminum glass door and finished with cladding. Although it served it's purpose, it needed more functional hardware and security features.

Wooden-Man-Door | Basic Business Entrance Doors, GTA | Wilcox Door

Wooden-Man-Door | Entrance Doors with Vision Panels, GTA | Wilcox Door
Man-Door-Installation | Door Service and Upgrades, GTA | Wilcox DoorMan-Door-Installation | Door Service and Upgrades, GTA | Wilcox Door
Style and Functionality
Along with an added curb appeal, panic hardware and an electric strike were installed for card access and security control.
Aluminum-Man-Door-Installation | Door Service and Upgrades, GTA | Wilcox Door

Aluminum-Man-Door-Installation | Entrance Door Hardware, GTA | Wilcox Door

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


I need to improve my building's efficiency but I don't own it...
Do you operate your business out of a rental unit? So does this client. He required a dock leveler but had concerns of investing into a building he didn't own. What if he re-located? What would happen to this investment?

Removable-Loading-Dock-Solutions | Edge of Dock Install, Stoney Creek | Wilcox Door
The solution was to install an Edge of Dock Leveler which could be removed. These units typically have capacities of anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 lbs.

Removable-Loading-Dock-Solutions | Edge of Dock Install, Stoney Creek | Wilcox Door
Removable-Loading-Dock-Solutions | Edge of Dock Install, Stoney Creek | Wilcox Door

Removable-Loading-Dock-Solutions | Loading Dock Bumpers and Block Risers, Stoney Creek | Wilcox Door
Do these blocks look familiar? These are known as Dock Bumpers, typically installed against the existing building structure. In this case, Block Risers (grey square unit) help to align the bumpers directly with the leveler.

Removable-Loading-Dock-Solutions | Edge of Dock Install, Stoney Creek | Wilcox Door

What types of challenges do you face in a rental unit? Does your work efficiency lack without proper equipment? Comment below!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Any Application, Any Purpose
This food distribution centre had been using a tractor trailer as extra storage space. However, the food needed to be temperature controlled.

Warehouse-Food-Storage-Facilities | Food Facility Warehouses, GTA | Wilcox Door
Warehouse-Food-Storage-Facilities | Warehouse Cold Storage Solutions, Etobicoke | Wilcox Door
The solution was to install a 74"w x 84"h Rytec PredaDoor NXT inside the tractor trailer. A steel door frame had to be constructed along with a pair of track guards on each side of the door. Further specs include an AC drive motor, dynamic breaking and a dual-chamber auto-reversing soft touch edge.
Rytec-Cold-Storage-Door-Operators | Cold Storage Separation, Etobicoke | Wilcox Door

Rytec-Industrial-Cold-Storage-Door | Warehouse Storage Solutions, GTA | Wilcox Door
36" bollards were also installed to prevent any impacts to the inside and outside of the door frame. The door itself can withstand impacts, however, safety features are in place to prevent the door from closing on anyone or anything. This includes a dual chamber, auto-reversing soft tough edge, Pathwatch Safety System and 2 sets of photo cells.

Rytec-High-Speed-Temperature-Controlled-Doors | Cold Storage Separation, Etobicoke | Wilcox Door
Rytec-High-Speed-Temperature-Controlled-Doors | Cold Storage Separation, Etobicoke | Wilcox Door

All in all, this permanent trailer is now a fully-functioning cold-storage room for produce.
What makes your warehouse unique? Comment below! 

Thursday, 3 August 2017


For every problem, there's a solution!
This door was reaching it's spring life once or twice per year due to high usage. Therefore, causing unnecessary replacements. Our solution is to install a direct safe drive operator to reduce future service costs while increasing the overall efficiency of the door.

Overhead-Door-Safe-Drive-Operator | Door Efficiency and Upgrade, Toronto | Wilcox Door

An Enbridge rebate is also given for this upgrade simply by increasing the rate of the door operation. Instead of consistently replacing the springs, our customer can now expect to see their return on investment in just over TWO years! Stay tuned for the final results!

Has your facility experienced inefficient equipment? How was it dealt with?
We'd love to hear from you!


Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Help prevent injuries and workplace hazards 
Did you know that there were 34 loading dock injury/fatality incidents reported between February 2016 and April 2017? Reference: Ministry of Labour
With proper safety measures in place including the correct installation of equipment, training and overall awareness, most injuries and hazards can be prevented.
Some general hazards that warehouse workers are typically exposed to include:
  • Storage and Racking Systems
    • lift trucks damaging the racks or causing the unit to collapse;
    • material falling due to improper installation or floor vibration.
  • Loading and Unloading Areas
    • pinning between forklifts or between the loading dock and trailer;
    • being struck by falling items, dock plates or the truck itself.
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
    • slippery surfaces including oil or grease and snow or ice;
    • changes in walkway levels, slopes, unsecured mats, items stored in walkways;
    • poor lighting, trailing cables in walkways, smoke, steam or dust obscuring view.
Reference: Ministry of Labour

So, what exactly does the Ministry look for during inspections?

Maintain, maintain, maintain 
Do you have a maintenance plan for your industrial doors, loading docks and equipment including dock seals? If not, it's critical to understand why it's so important. Take a car, for example; the object that gets you from Point A to Point B. You must have a sufficient amount of oil and the tires are to be full of air. What happens if they don't? Needless to say, you won't be getting anywhere fast!

Cars are much like your doors and docks. Parts must be inspected, lubricated, adjusted, tested and replaced (if necessary) in order to function properly.

Loading-Dock-Equipment-Issues | Worn Dock Bumper Causing Impact, GTA | Wilcox DoorFor example, this loading dock has been significantly damaged due to lack of maintenance.
As trucks cause constant impact when backing into loading areas, bumpers must be inspected regularly to ensure damage is minimized.
Once they begin to wear significantly, the impact is then transferred to the building and foundation itself.
Although bumpers last a while (depending on frequency of use), replace them when necessary. It's a small price to pay to prevent significant damage to your building.
Loading-Dock-Equipment-Repairs | Dock Bumper Replacement, GTA | Wilcox Door
Whether to prolong equipment life, prevent injuries or excessive building damage, maintenance is a necessary component of any facility type; from Property Management to Pharmaceutical buildings. This and more can be found at:


Friday, 7 July 2017


Safety First, Folks!
We can't stress enough that Overhead Doors are not intended for personnel use. This customer had safety concerns of the door coming down and injuring an employee if they happen to walk through the doorway. However, this door was too old for add-on brakes and needed a custom stop device.

Overhead-Custom-Mechanical-Drop-Stop-Device | Overhead Door Stop Devices, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Custom-built extended handles were welded to the door frame with a bar that protruded into the opening, preventing the door from coming down when fully opened.

Overhead-Custom-Mechanical-Drop-Stop-Device | Overhead Door Stop Devices, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

In Wilcox fashion, we went one step further by attaching limit switches to the handles. When they are in the engaged position, the limit cuts power off to the operator. Even if someone pushes the close button, the door will remain in the open position.

Experiencing issues in your facility that affect efficiency? Contact us to develop a solution that may not always involve complete equipment replacement.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Wilcox Celebrates 105 Years in Business and Canada's 150th!

We are Canadian! ... The Wilcox Way
Wilcox Door Service Inc., established in 1912, is the oldest and largest door company in Canada. This year, we celebrate 105 years of business alongside Canada's 150th anniversary! Click to see how we've developed over the years. We're also extremely proud to be Canadian and Aboriginally-owned. As such, we are proud to be part of CCAB and CAMSC to promote Minority and Aboriginal business relations. 

Historic-Canadian-Door-Companies | Richards-Wilcox Overhead Doors, Ontario | Wilcox Door

Improving our Work Space
Our first line of business was to ensure an open-concept office where communication between departments was encouraged. However, it was looking a little glum. We needed to do something to heighten office morale and showcase the true Wilcox spirit.. 

Industrial-Office-Redesign | Office Painting and Redesign, Mississauga | Wilcox Door

What's more "Wilcox" than a little orange and some treats as sweet as our staff? Not much at all! Keep scrolling and you'll find that in updating our office, we proudly displayed our history and values as a reminder of what made Wilcox an industrial leader.

Office-Redesign-Wall-Decals | Mississauga Office Spaces | Wilcox Door 
Office-Redesign-Wall-Decals | KKP Queensway Decal Installation | Wilcox Door 
Office-Redesign-Wall-Decals | KKP Queensway Decal Installation | Wilcox Door
Office-Redesign-Picture-Framing | Home Arts Picture Framing, Mississauga | Wilcox Door
Office-Redesign-Picture-Framing | Home Arts Picture Framing, Mississauga | Wilcox Door
Our Hamilton office also got a makeover. A little more orange, a little more Wilcox!

A good office space increases productivity and helps brighten moods on the gloomiest of days. Let us know what your office has done to improve morale and create a more inviting work space!
Click to view our Awards & Accreditations

Special thanks to KKP Queensway for the decals and picture printing
& Home Arts Picture Framing for the picture framing

Monday, 26 June 2017


6 Types of Overhead Doors installed in one building
Why is this necessary? Each type of door is designed for a specific purpose. A critical part of your Sales Representative's role is to determine how the door will be used, how often and more. 

Richards-Wilcox Polytite Sectional Doors
These doors are made of triple-walled polycarbonate panels to provide lightweight, easy operation. Although impact-resistant to an extent, we don't encourage testing this! Polytites are ideal for car wash bays or anywhere with excessive moisture. As there is a lot of open space outside this building, these doors will have no issues being exposed to sun, wind, rain or snow. These panels also allow for natural lighting and help to reduce winter heating costs. Click to learn more.

Specs: Clear anodized aluminum frames, fully glazed, vertical lift, 50,000 cycle springs, featheredge safety edge (stops operation on contact and returns to open position), 3-button push button station, 1.5 second time delay - timer to close and an option to manually operate the chain hoist by disconnecting the power and pulling the small cable link tight to fasten. 

Richards-Wilcox Thermatite T175 Sectional Insulated Doors
Quality insulated doors made with Neufoam technology. These doors are ideal as they are made with a continuous foam that doesn't leave air pockets in between door panels.
Specs: Vertical lift, electric operator, 3-button push station, 1.5 second time delay, thru-beam photo cell (if blocked, the door will not close) and a safety edge to discontinue door operation and reverse up when it comes in contact with an object.

Albany High Speed Rubber Doors
Lower-cost doors that can absorb impacts and decrease energy loss due to it's high speed. These doors are high-cycle - openings of up to 8,000 per day - commonly found in mining, waste stations, cold-storage, warehousing, automotive, government applications and more.
Specs: windows, traffic lights, motion sensor to open from exterior and photo cells to prevent the door from operating if an object crosses it's path.

Rolling Steel Fire Doors
Used for safety and fire protection that drops on detection of fire. This helps prevent the spread of fire and keeps product and personnel safe.
Specs: Galvanized slats, prime white finish, manual chain hoist and a fusible link to allow the door to drop if a fire is detected.

Rolling Steel Fire Shutter
Regular shutters are typically used as a security feature on counter-tops of small businesses or complete storefronts within malls to help prevent theft after hours. In this instance, these shutters are fire-rated to secure a section of the warehouse while still providing visibility while open during work hours.
Specs: Prime white finish, fusible link, electric operation, push-button on/off station, electrical operation, safety edge discontinues operation on contact and a chain link for manual operation if the power goes out.

Rolling Steel Doors Commonly used as service doors or warehouse separation for commercial, industrial and government settings. 
Specs: Prime white finish, electric operation and safety edge. When safety edge is activated and door stops, close buttons have to be pressed until in desired position.

Choosing the correct door for your facility
Take a look at our general guide to determine step-by-step what your facility needs to achieve through a new door installation. For specific product recommendations or simply to speak to one of our representatives, contact us directly at 905-274-5850.