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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


We need your help!
From December 1st-15th, we will be collecting food and toys for families in need this holiday season. In partnership with the City of Mississauga, all donations will be brought to the Civic Centre - Great Hall on December 16th.

The Salvation Army's Christmas Assistance Program will then distribute the goods to those in need. Last year, over 1,000 Mississauga families, including more than 2,000 children received assistance with food, clothing and toys. With your help, even more families will experience the gift of kindness and true community spirit this year.

All non-perishable food items are greatly appreciated; anything from soups to pastas. Gifts are asked to be new and unwrapped. As we are accepting gifts of all kinds, we kindly ask that you keep teenagers in mind as gifts for small children are typically received the most. Here are some suggestions for gift ideas:
Ages 8+
Books, card games, board & electronic games, puzzles, sports equipment, journal sets, art, jewelry, nail & craft kits, science kits, building sets & legos, remote control cars, action figures & transformers, bath products, gift cards, bikes & helmets, skateboards.
Ages 3-7
Books, board & interactive games, puzzles, building sets & legos, play-dough kits, crayons with colouring books, art & craft kits, play food or kitchen sets, dolls, train sets, toy trucks & cars, stuffed animals.
Ages 0-2
Mobile hanging toys, activity blocks, plat mats, teether toys, activity knots, rattles, baby books, sound blocks, block sets, wobbly stacker, shape sorter, peg puzzles.
When you drop off your donations at our Mississauga Office: 1045 Rangeview Road (between Dixie & Cawthra on Lakeshore) or to your Sales Representative, you will receive a Wilcox care package & promo code discount for our online store!

Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Once, twice, three strikes, you're out!
In too many instances, this dump truck wash bay in Hamilton was experiencing damages to the door header. How? Driver's forgot that they're truck boxes were left open and proceeded to enter the bay. Even this big orange sign wasn't doing the trick...

Sectional-Door-Damage-with-Window-Panels | Height-Restricted Sectional Doors, Hamilton | Wilcox Door
Sectional Door with Window Panels

Clatter-Bar-Post-Construction | Concrete-Secured Clatter Bar Post, Hamilton | Wilcox Door
Post Placement Construction
Secured-Clatter-Bar-Post | Clatter Bar Construction, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Clatter-Bar-Construction-Safety | Clatter Bars, Hamilton | Wilcox Door
Back Side of Installation in Progress with Both Posts Installed 

The solution was to install a Clatter Bar unit on both sides of the building. What's a Clatter Bar? Put simply, it acts as a visual and audible solution for height-restricted areas. When a truck box is left open and the driver proceeds through the unit, the 12 inch pipes will collide, clinging together, prompting the driver to stop. Not to worry, the sound is more than loud enough to hear over a dump truck.

Dump-Truck-Wash-Bay-Clatter-Bar | Height-Restricted Wash Bay, Hamilton | Wilcox Door
The unit itself is 16 feet high by 22 feet wide. However, the key here is that the pipes are at 14 feet, just below the door level. From this point on, there should be no issues with drivers going straight into the building with their boxes up. Just driving up to this big yellow unit will be reminder enough to think twice before proceeding, yet necessary to include the clatter bars to prevent any future accidents. 

Dump-Truck-Wash-Bay-Clatter-Bar | Height-Restricted Building, Hamilton | Wilcox Door

Thursday, 17 November 2016


What's worse than getting bugs into a Food & Drug facility?
Not much at all! In this case, a Bug Blocker Door was installed to ensure bugs, dust or debris are kept out of the facility during busy delivery times. Typically, you'll see blue bug doors that can be installed in front or behind regular warehouse shipping doors.
As mentioned, these are a great addition to any facility that experiences high delivery times. Sectional doors can be kept open and the wear from constantly opening and closing the doors is drastically reduced by using the Bug Blocker Doors in their place.
Why use these instead of regular Bug Doors? They're Food & Drug-approved and installed in front of the door opening. This unit is also complete with brush weatherstripping to help further keep out insects.
Whether you have a big or small facility, Bug Doors are ideal sectional door add-on's. Ventilate your warehouse space, decrease the wear and tear on your doors especially during busy delivery times and keep out dirt, debris and bugs. Although ideal for the warmer months, fall is also a great time to utilize bug doors. Even in the winter months, a little fresh air never hurt anyone!