Monday, 10 April 2017


Join the workplace movement!
Going green is a win-win as you save money on utility costs AND reduce your carbon footprint. Consider these tips to do your part to benefit the planet and your company.

Not looking forward to paying your heating/cooling bills?
You can begin by installing programmable thermostats that allow you to program when the heat should come on as opposed to temperature-controlled thermostats. Do you have ceiling fans throughout a warehouse or large open area? Truth is, they don't make as big of an impact as you may think. High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) industrial fans are said to replace 30 regular ceiling fans by blending layers of air together (destratify) and equalizing overall temperatures. These are also great features to have in the summer months as workers can feel a slight breeze that actually makes the space feel 7-11 degrees cooler. 

Green Roof
Need to recharge? A green roof creates an inviting space where employees can take a break and return to work with a more productive and clear mindset. This is especially beneficial in this day and age as typical lunchrooms are located in the back corner of an office or warehouse with no windows and employees glued to their phones. The benefits only continue as air quality is improved, stormwater is utilized, employment opportunities arise to design and engineer a solid foundation for the green space and much more.

With all the technology available to you today, why not take advantage of it? There are sensor-operated lighting systems that use 10% less power. Or, consider skylights or solar panels to bring in natural light and reduce expenses. For now, lets stick to the basics. What type of lights do you have at your facility? If they're not fluorescent or LED, your likely paying more than you should each month. We know, they cost more upfront.. However, it's a small price to pay for the savings you receive in the long run! 

The Three R's
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Simple enough, right? Reusing and relabeling incoming boxes and paper wrapping are common practices that easily save you time and money. Others can include turning off or dimming lights when they're not in use or turning down the heating. The environmentally correct disposal of batteries is an easy initiative. Even Fortinos takes your used batteries - look for it near the entrance/exit doors. Oil and chemical disposal is also critical to protect the environment. Contact your local waste management drop-off location. Now, more than ever, offices are moving away from print and offering electronic copies of documents wherever possible. However, if you do need to use paper, make sure it's recycled afterwards. *Remember: encouragement goes a long way! For business owners, offer incentives to those that suggest and act on green solutions throughout the workplace to make it fun for everyone.

Once green initiatives begin, they become second nature. Do you have green initiatives in place at your workplace? Let us know what you're doing to reduce your carbon footprint!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Do Fire Doors need to be Maintained and Tested?

The purpose of a Fire Door is to ensure that if a fire starts in one area, it cannot travel or progress to another area. It acts as a barrier in which the blaze cannot cross. They are designed to close when a fire is detected either by electrical or mechanical means. As you can imagine, their operation is absolutely critical to ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Not to mention the valuable products/building.
Do Fire Doors need to be maintained and tested? Absolutely! As with any mechanical device, it is imperative that they are checked, lubricated, adjusted and drop-tested annually.
Fire Doors only serve their purpose if they work! Maintenance and testing includes three components: a visual check, operational check and a drop test.
Visual Check - involves ensuring all components of the door are intact and installed correctly. Technicians complete this first to ensure that when the door is in operation, no unsafe conditions will occur.
Operational Check - ensures that the door opens and closes in the manner in which it was designed. Any issues are to be corrected at this time.
Drop Test - the door is now tested to ensure that it "drops" to the closed position when it is released (either mechanically or electrically), as should happen when a fire is present. The technicians ensure that all the components work together as designed and the door closes in a safe manner. Any deficiencies to be corrected at this time.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates that all Fire Doors are to be maintained no less than once a year (NFPA-80 compliance). Keep in mind that your local Fire Prevention Office or insurance company may demand that the doors be tested more frequently.
Fire Doors are a proven way to prevent deadly fire from progressing and endangering people and property. Again, they are only effective if in proper working order.
Maintenance and testing are key to ensuring they do what they were designed and installed for - to save lives!
Take a look, download or share to spread the importance of Fire Door safety!
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Thursday, 16 March 2017


Go big or go home!
In expanding their warehouse, our client was in need of new sectional doors. These Richards-Wilcox Multi-Rib Sectionals with vision windows were the perfect solution. Considering the space needed to be maximized, a vertical track installation was necessary.

However, steel work also had to be done to support the door and spring assembly. As this was a food assembly facility, Rytec PredaDoors were also installed on the opposing side of this expansion to prevent contamination and separate the areas (shown in blue).


Overall, another successful installation by the Wilcox Team!


Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Repetition opens doors, you know? -Tim Lucas
This Brampton building had a major makeover with white Multi-Ribbed T150's, complete with 2 vision panels per door.
Richards-Wilcox-T150-Overhead-Doors | New Sectional Door Install, Brampton | Wilcox Door

In total, 43 Richards-Wilcox Overhead Doors were installed, all as separate units. Each door is 15 x 14 foot with a 7 foot high lift and manual chain hoist operation.
Do you have worn doors at your facility that are in need of an upgrade? Contact us today to discuss your best option or visit our website for more information! | 905-274-5850


Teamwork makes the Dream Work
This project included working with the Architect & Design Team as the head room and side room was very tight.

Richards-Wilcox-T175-Sectional-Door | Multi-Ribbed Sectional Doors, York Region | Wilcox Door
Richards-Wilcox-T175-Sectional-Door | Multi-Ribbed Sectional Doors, York Region | Wilcox DoorRichards-Wilcox-T175-Sectional-Door | Multi-Ribbed Sectional Doors, York Region | Wilcox Door
This 34' x 14' Richards-Wilcox T175 Sectional Door included standard-lift hardware, a jackshaft operator, safety edge and thru-beam photo cells.
Richards-Wilcox-T175-Sectional-Door | Multi-Ribbed Sectional Doors, York Region | Wilcox Door

Another satisfied customer with this new Overhead Door installation!


You may enter! This 14 foot parking gate paired with rolling door controls entry and exit of this retail parking garage.

HySecurity-Gate-Arm-Operator | Parking Garage Security, Mississauga | Wilcox Door
HySecurity-Gate-Arm-Operator-Open-Position | Parking Garage Security, Mississauga | Wilcox Door
HySecurity-Gate-Operator | Parking Security Solutions, Mississauga | Wilcox Door
HySecurity-Gate-Operator | Parking Security Solutions, Mississauga | Wilcox Door
Have you seen one of these units before? They're ideal for Property Management-type environments and quick to open and close. That being said, remember not to tailgate! These StrongArm Barriers are meant for one vehicle to pass at a time and can cause damage if misused.

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Property Control with a Fortress Slide Cantilever Gate
A common task we face is securing properties from the public, both from on foot and vehicle access. This Toronto facility underwent some landscaping, trenching and excavation in order to install wiring for the gate system.
Gate-Installation-and-Trenching | Security Gate Installation, Toronto | Wilcox DoorBuilding-Front-Security-Control-System | Property Control, Toronto | Wilcox Door
A Fortress Slide Cantilever Gate now controls property access.  
Fortress-Slide-Cantilever-Gate-System | Slide Gate Systems, Toronto | Wilcox DoorFortress-Slide-Cantilever-Gate-System | Slide Gate Systems, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Complete with barbed wire across the top to deter intruders.
Liftmaster-Electric-Gate-Operator | LiftMaster Gate Operator, Toronto | Wilcox Door
The electric operator by LiftMaster runs parallel to the gate, maximizing property space with seamless functionality.
Liftmaster-Electric-Gate-Operator | LiftMaster Gate Operator, Toronto | Wilcox Door
The final step is to install the card reader for easy access.
 Gate-System-Card-Reader-Access | Card Reader Gate Access, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Contact us for more information on a security system specifically designed for your facility 905-274-5850 or download our guide to UL325 safety necessary for any gate.